Sofargen Spray

Sofargen Spray is a Unique and Innovative product.

Silver Sulfadiazine and Light Kaolin, unique and  innovative device in the local  treatment of small ulcers.


Sofargen  Spray  is  a  powder  spray  dressing  for  topic  use containing light kaolin and silver sulfadiazine. Light kaolin creates a mechanical barrier to the external agents, protecting the broken skin, draining and absorbing  the exudates.

The presence  of Silver sulfadiazine, a metallorganic compound  obtained by the reaction of silver nitrate with sulfadiazine, prevents the dressing’s microbic contamination  and keeps  wound environment  clear from  other exogenous bacteria. The special formula of Sofargen Spray allows the   exudates   management  creating   an   environment   which management  facilitate  the  natural  healing  process  and  build a barrier to the microbic penetration.  The product stays easily “in situ” and is not influenced by wound edges  extension. It can be easily removed by cleaning the lesion by means of a saline solution.


9.7g light kaolin; 0.1g micronised silver sulfadiazine; hydrophobic colloidal silica g 0,1; 0.1g calcium gluconate monohydrate; 70 g butane as propellant


Sofargen Spray is intended  for use  in local treatment  of  skin lesions of small sizes such as abrasions, excoriations, cuts, acute and chronic wounds, first and second degree burns, pressure sores and superficial dermatologic affections.

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